DURATION.  Nov.2018 - Dec.2018

ROLE.  Industrial Designer, Photographer

TEAM.  Boyang Fan, Linrong Li, Tsuchiya Shuko

Design a chair for the bookstore.


Building a reading space which offers books, food and other services has become the mainstream choice of physical bookstores. This space not only provides customers with a comfortable reading area, but also plays a role of attracting passengers through leisure services and offline activities. As an important element in this space, how can we design a chair fitting that environment?


By conducting background research and casual interviews, we got some insights to guide the design decisions and created empathy among customers and bookstores.

资源 1


The chair should be comfortable, but avoid making people feel too relaxed.

资源 2


Chairs should strike a balance between the aestheticand functional.

资源 3


Chairs placed in the public spaces should be durable, preferably low-cost.


Based on the insights, we brainstormed more than 30 ideas. Finally we chose Line Chair because:
1. It is easy to assemble and can be separated into individual parts to save space.
2. There is a back support which allows users to lean back.
3. Have a delicate and attractive appearance.


To find the best proportion, we used Solidworks and Keyshot to build 3D models. Then we made a 1:6 physical model by plastic sticks.


From left to right: 1. material: copper and plastic; 2. 1:6 model; 3.rendering picture


chair height: 74cm
seat height: 48cm
seat width: 49cm
seat depth: 42cm

Then we built a brief 1:1 model which is made of PVC, allowing us to find the problems before crafting the final furniture. After user testing, we found that the seat was a bit narrow for adults, so we adjusted the width and iterated the design.


materials of the final design


I was fixing the chair.

Final outcome


Thanks for reading!