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DURATION . 7days in January.2019

# Design Challenge      # Mobile APP Design 

Design an activity-based app for students searching and browsing orgs


The goal of this project is to design an experience for new students to browse, search, and propose new student organizations.


New students usually have no idea which kinds of organizations can best meet their needs. How can we help them find the right one from numerous organizations?


Research goal

1. Learn the way in which new college students search/browse orgs
2. Figure out what new students care about when joining orgs
3. Find out what made them feel troublesome/delightful in the whole process

Semi-structured Interview

Goal: To gain detailed information about the experience of browsing, searching, joining and proposing student organizations, and explore students’ perceptions of the student organizations at different stages
Participants: 5 people (one senior high school student, two freshmen, two graduate students)


Affinity diagram

After conducting the interviews, I categorized all the data collected from early-stage research to help identify the behavior and emotion patterns.

affinity diagram_0129_2

Main takeaways

1. Main goals for them to join the student orgs: meet new friends, develop skills, take up hobbies.
2. Four of them wanted to join orgs under a specific category, so they would search for keywords such as hiking.
3. All of them were most concerned about the activities hosted by the organization.
4. Four of them preferred using mobile phone to search organizations because of its mobility.
5. Three of them wanted to know the evaluation from former members.
6. All of them would like to know the org information through pictures and videos.


I depicted two typical types of students based on my previous research. They share the same goal of finding activities that can fulfill their needs. The difference is that, the girl cares more about meeting interesting people in the process, while the boy priortizes the outcome — skills and networking opportunities.


Behavior Framework

student organization

After research, I mapped all the possible behaviors in the left diagram to help me structure the experience. Then I found students and club members, as consumer and creator, mainly interacted around the content in this application. Combined with the research findings, I decided to build up an activity-based mobile application which helps new students find the fittest organizations.


Ideation — Crazy 8's

After I settled on the design direction, I used this fast sketching exercise to generate eight distinct ideas in eight minutes, which allowed me to consider as many options as possible.



I weeded out sketches that were not feasible and could not help users. Then I honed in further on the rest ideas and asked three participants to give feedback. Two of them preferred the first idea because it had a clear structure, and another person liked the combination of the second and third ideas because she wanted to watch more pictures and videos rather than text.

I decided to apply the structure of the first idea to my further work and use the waterfall layout to demonstrate the selected activities.



Key interfaces


Not only can you view upcoming events on campus, but you can also view popular organizations and events from the past semester. This helps you to find an org that really interests you.


When searching, you can see your recent searches and trending topics. Search results can be viewed by orgs and activities. 

Org category

You can choose an org category in the upper part of the screen. Then you can see all the orgs and activities under this category. The grid view gives you an intuitive view of the activity, while the list view allows you to browse effectively.

Activity details

You can save all the activities and join the upcoming ones. Details, participants and discussion are displayed on this page. Also, you can add this activity to your calendar and share it to your friends.

Organization details

It is almost impossible for orgs to post pictures/videos for every activity. So I divided the activities into two parts — selected activities and regular schedule, which can show the most exciting activities as well as the unavoidable ‘dull’ work. 

And you can just save the org before deciding to join it.

Org & Activity list

You can see all the orgs and activities here. Orgs are sorted by their first letters, and activities are displayed by date. You can also find organizations/activities that you have saved and joined in the past on this page.