• /YI-SHIN/, a UX Designer
  • Currently pursuing a MS Degree in HCI @Georgia Tech, seeking 2019 Summer UX Design internship
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Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Yixin, currently working on a master degree in human computer interaction at Georgia Tech. Before this, I developed my design and problem-solving skills from my undergrad degree in industrial design. I am now a UX designer and have worked as a UX/UI intern at two Fin-Tech companies and the Automated driving lab at BMW.


At past, unintentionally, I designed a bunch of projects which integrated multiple concepts/objects together. VOYAGER combines the travel itinerary with map; HEATCUT is a pair of scissors equipped with a bag sealer. I loved to design something "fresh" for users.

But now, I realize that something new doesn’t equal to something creative or useful. The novelty of ideas is usually not the most important of all the aspects. Clarify the goals and needs from stakeholders, then achieve the trade-off between them — this may be more critical for shaping a product. No matter what functionalities I add or delete, I am always serving the design goal and customers. If someone just wants a cup of Americano, please do not add milk and chocolate into it. 

If you have any UX design opportunities, please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day!